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Hello. My name is Tracy.

I’m just writing to you today because I want to share a petition that I’ve created with you.

This petition is for saving Flik and Princess as permanent characters at Walt Disney World. Flik recently retired from meet-&-greets by “It’s Tough to Be a Bug!” at Animal Kingdom back in March 2012, and Dug and Russell replaced him. And Flik and Princess Atta could only be seen in the Pixar Pals’ Countdown to Fun parade at Hollywood Studios, which ended on April 6th, 2013. Now Flik is not appearing in Walt Disney World anywhere! And we want to see him again.

It would be great if you could sign it and send it to your friends and family who would be willing to help. And don’t worry about the donation thing after signing it. Just ignore it.

Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it.

Tracy Robben

A Bug’s Life has been a popular Disney & Pixar movie since all the other Pixar films. As a matter of fact, I have been dying for a sequel for A Bug’s Life to be made. It’s high-time Pixar made A Bug’s Life 2! All of us fans of A Bug’s Life call the companies of Disney & Pixar to make the sequel A Bug’s Life 2 as soon as possible. A Bug’s Life has been forgotten for almost 16 years now and A Bug’s Life has a lot of potential for A Bug’s Life 2!


Charlie’s Addition. I personally disagree with this. Though that’s only out of my love for the original. I feel it’s a film that’s so perfect that it doesn’t need anything added to it. Then again I felt that why about Monsters Inc. and whilst I still think that Monsters University is a fantastic movie, I don’t think it added anything to the original. However I’ll still put this out there for those of you who do…

Ok, I’ve just seen Waking Sleeping Beauty, and it was superb.


If you are at all interested in Disney, particularly the Renaissance, and haven’t seen it yet then do! Because it was fantastic. A lot you’ll probably know, but hearing it from the horses’ mouths makes it all the more interesting. And when they got to Howard Ashman’s death (and to a lesser extent Frank Wells’) it was pretty emotional.

Reblogging here for you guys. Also another great documentary is The Pixar Story by Leslie Iwerks.

The game featuring Disney’s all new Wreck-It Ralph!